Registration - California Partnership for Long-Term Care Lead Program

Thank you for your interest in the California Partnership for Long-Term Care (Partnership) lead program.

To become part of this unique program and to receive these state-approved, high quality leads you must:

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Agree to the California Partnership for Long-Term Care's Lead Program Agent Pledge.

These leads will be generated through our direct mail program. Unlike traditional direct mail, the consumers of California will have the ability to respond not only through direct mail replies, but also through the internet and an inbound call center.

These leads will be sold at a cost of $565 per M (thousand mailers) for immediate drop, $545 per M for batch mailings. Immediate drops will have discounts based upon quantity.

The demographics we have been using are consumers between 48-70 years of age with an estimated annual income of $60,000+.  If desired, you can edit these demographics.

All leads will be delivered to you through our TL LeadManager® system. This is a web-based contact manager system designed to expedite the delivery of leads to you as well as provide you an easy to use system to help you better manager these leads and your time. This system is normally sold for $480 per year, but is free to recipients of Partnership leads.

There are requirements as an agent, in order to participate in this lead program:

  1. You must work these leads in a timely manner by contacting them within 14 days of receipt of the leads.
  2. You must report the lead’s status as you work these leads; this is a ONE CLICK process via TL LeadManager®.
  3. You must report polices sold.

TL LeadManager® will facilitate all these reports with just a few clicks and will not slow down the sales process, but will greatly add to your overall efficiency.  You can view this system at

To begin the registration process, please complete the following:

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  Company Name:  
* CA Agent License #: (7digits; no letter 'O')
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Your qualifications to sell Partnership policies will be verified by TARGETLEADS.  If we have any questions about your qualifications, we will notify you.

You are qualified when you have met the following:

Individuals who will be involved in the sale or marketing of long-term care insurance policies certified by the California Partnership for Long-Term Care, are required to complete 8 hours of general long-term care continuing education (CE) and 8 hours of classroom only CE specifically on the California Partnership for Long-Term Care prior to the marketing of any Partnership certified policies/certificates. After your initial education requirement has been met, you are required to repeat 8 hours of general long-tem care continuing education (CE) and 8 hours of class room only CE specifically on the California Partnership for Long-Term Care prior to each two-year license approval period.

Please select one of the three option below, and supply the necessary information:

1. If you are a captive agent with a carrier, please provide the branch you belong to and your manager’s name:
Carrier:   Branch:   Manager: 
2. If you are an agent with an Insurance Agency, please provide the Agency Name and manager’s name:
Agency:   Manager:
Check the box next to each company you are contracted with:
NOTE: You must be contracted with at least one of these companies.

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